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Holy Cross Chapel

All Hallows Episcopal Church

The annual service at Holy Cross Chapel is held on the Sunday closest to Holy Cross Sunday




Holy Cross Chapel of Ease, circa 1850



The Chapel of the Holy Cross
    Two hundred twenty-seven years ago, the first Episcopal Church at Stockton, then known as Sandy Hill, was built through the efforts of Rev. John Rosse, who was the rector at All Hallows Parish in Snow Hill at the time. This Chapel of the Cross building was destroyed by fire and its exact location has not been determined.
    The present building known as The Chapel of the Holy Cross was built during the rectorate of Rev. Thomas Flower about 1850. Its construction was possible largely through the efforts of Captain James Holland and The Lindsay family of Lindsayville, the community now known as Klej Grange.
   At one time, the chapel had a congregation which drew from Greenbackville to Girdletree. Regular services were held untill 1943 when services were discontinued due to poor attendance. Then in 1951 services resumed twice a month. This continued until 1961 when the small membership was combined with All Hallows in Snow HIll.
   Today, the chapel is opened once a year. A service of Holy Eucharist is held each year on the Sunday nearest Holy Cross Sunday.